IT Staffing

With the constantly changing technology landscape, having the right skill sets in-house can be challenging to maintain and also may not be cost effective. Creating a strategy that takes advantage of hybrid team models that incorporate contracted team members with proven experience and skill sets, with in-house teams that can also learn from external professionals, can be an effective approach.

Whether you need

Full development team

Extra developer

Two or one highly specialized consultant – short-term or long-term

Marine MAN PL’s staffing division can offer local, Ukrainian and CIS capabilities. Our IT staffing services and programs help you secure and optimize the most strategic and variable component to success — your people.


We’ve been known to help our customers often complete difficult, almost impossible projects and initiatives and have even been told that our employees have often saved the project or engagement. We know how to how to recruit, match, motivate and retain our team members and ensure that our customers are always receiving the right talent and the best service.

Our IT staffing services include

Technology Contract Staffing


When you are first setting up your technology-based company, or when you have a new project or need to upgrade your applications, you may suddenly be in need of a quick infusion of short-term IT talent.


Stay ahead of the constant shifts in technology. Better yet, initiate them. Get access to the talent you need, when and where you need it, for the specified time that you need it via our agile network of contract IT and engineering specialists.


Technology evolves at such a fast pace that you have to almost continually operate outside your comfort zone. That means, even if you have the best full-time talent, you often need to call in a specialist—or a team of specialists—to perform a particular function or lead a new initiative.


As our partner, you completely bypass the time-consuming tasks of posting jobs, sifting through resumes, and laboring through a lengthy interview processes. We ensure your contract professionals already have the qualifications, technical skills and even, at times, the training you require. You simply get people with the high-value skills you need for a project-specific duration. Plus, we’ll help you decide if you need to extend, redeploy or adjust your talent commitment as their contract comes to an end.

Our industry leading, customized staff augmentation services get results, including:

Shorter hiring timelines

Reduced cost of acquiring talent

Reduced training and ramp-up time for newly engaged staff

Maximized human resource utilization

Make smarter hiring decisions—connect with us today to explore our IT and engineering contract staffing services.


When hiring has to wait, but the workload can’t.


It’s not uncommon for companies to have more projects than resources. However, our contract-to-hire services allow you to get the IT and engineering specialists you need without making an immediate commitment.


Whether you don’t currently have the budget to hire full-time employees, or you simply can’t afford to shift your workers to another project, a contract-to-hire arrangement is a smart way to overcome your hiring roadblocks and get your projects done.


We can connect you to contract-to-hire workers with the skills to support your team—or lead it. These specialists are prequalified and screened, so they come ready to make an immediate impact.


In addition to completing your projects efficiently and cost-effectively, contract-to-hire services allow you to see firsthand whether this individual is the right full-time fit for your team. So, you get a worker who is eager to prove his or her value, and you also get time to evaluate their performance and make a more informed hiring decision.

Permanent Placement


Any recruiter can put a person in an open position. Our direct hire recruiters put the right people in a position to thrive. It may seem like a subtle difference, but it goes a long way in helping you connect with the smartest IT and engineering talent.


This difference, and our permanent placement model, allows you to gain access to some of the most talented and in-demand experts in your job market.


Your job opening presents an opportunity, not only for prospective candidates, but also for you and your business to partner with the most intelligent people and explore new ways to outperform. Whether you need multiple full-time employees, or only one, our specialized search and direct placement services can connect you to full-time talent in any job market in the country.


Our direct hire recruiters are also trained in passive recruiting techniques that offer you a boutique experience and enable them to find you the very best talent—especially when it comes to top talent who aren’t actively looking for a new job.


Seize your opportunity to make the hiring process more efficient and effective. Partner with us to create a customized recruiting program and connect with the best direct hire talent.

With the demand for IT and engineering talent at an all-time high, choose a partner who can help you staff smarter.



In many complex environments it is not only the technology that is important, but also the means in which the technology is applied. The most successful consultants can demonstrate an acute awareness and understanding of the functional mechanics of complex environments. To ensure success we look to understand the functional characteristics of the client’s environment.




We have found that the most talented individuals take great pride in their work and accomplishments. When they are considering new opportunities, their specific roles and responsibilities are very important to them. For this reason we try to clearly understand and define these roles and responsibilities with our clients. This is an essential step in delivering the proper talent.




Our delivery model is based on leveraging technology and process. With this we look to enhance efficiency and thoroughness. Through a series of strategic relationships we have created access to over a million information technology candidates. The access to this candidate pool is highly automated. We utilize advanced search methodologies and parsing algorithms to narrow our selection pool. This process affords great efficiency and depth of recruiting.


Upon selection we initiate our validation process. The validation process is inclusive of competency testing, suitability matching, reference checking and background checking. In addition to our standard validation process, we customize our processes according to our client’s specifications.




Our staff is highly experienced in the areas of business and information technology. Our Managers have an acute understanding of the business impact of technology. Our expertise spans the disciplines of network architecture, infrastructure support, applications development and systems integration. We are also knowledgeable in the areas of business intelligence, knowledge management and application integration. We try our best to keep up-to-date with the latest technological innovations and initiatives.